Benjamin Sergeant

Menlo Park, California


M.Sc in Computer Graphics

Grenoble, France: 2002--2003

M.Eng in Telecommunications

Grenoble, France: 1999--2002 / Link

Classes Préparatoires

Paris, France: 1996--1999


DreamWorks Animation SKG, Inc.

Redwood City, California - Software Engineer: May 2010--Present

Adobe Systems, Inc.

San Jose, California - Computer scientist: January 2005--May 2010

Hitpost, Inc (aquired by Yahoo)

San Francisco, California - First engineer on board : April 2009--September 2009

Okyz, Inc. (aquired by Adobe)

Paris, France - Software Engineer: July 2003--December 2004

Maverick Lab (Inria)

Grenoble, France - Research internship: October 2002--June 2003 / Link

Sls group (Tima lab)

Grenoble, France - Research internship: March 2002--June 2002 / Link

Unilog Tec

Grenoble, France - Software internship: July 2001--August 2001


Computer Languages

Library, Tools and Software


Hobbies and interests